Robert Vivian

Another Burning Kingdom

"The three haunted voices of Robert Vivian's Another Burning Kingdom tell individual tales of interweaving fates that also etch a portrait of America's forgotten ones. Vivian's visionary trilogy of novels is brought to stunning conclusion here, capping an original achievement in American fiction, offering both apocalyptic revelation and possible redemption." Philip Graham, author of How To Read an Unwritten Language

Cold Snap As Yearning

dervish essays
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collection of dervish essays (new kind of prose poem)
co-written with the poet Richard Jackson
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In this third and final volume of the trilogy, Vivian weaves the voices of Lem, Jackson, and Lem's estranged wife, Lissa, into an American triptych of longing, remembering, and innocence--of hopes almost fulfilled and inevitably disappointed--as we race to Jackson's reckoning with history that must have its day.
“Robert Vivian’s prose is lyrical and harrowing—harrowing in the Biblical sense.”
“Robert Vivian is one of the finest, most lyrical essayists of his time.”
–Sue William Silverman

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