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Immortal Soft-Spoken (available for pre-order at Awst Press)

Immortal Soft-Spoken

Second collection of dervish essays written in the spirit of Rumi (Mevlana) and Hafiz, my eternal teachers--

Mystery My Country

This is my first book of what I call dervish essays or prose poems, which were inspired by repeated trips to Turkey and the life-changing exposure to Rumi.


The poet Richard Jackson and I have collaborated on this book since the fall of last year. I'm grateful to Anchor & Plume for wanting to publish it in the spring on next spring--and I'm grateful/humbled/overjoyed to have written this with a poet like Rick.

Another Burning Kingdom

"The three haunted voices of Robert Vivian's Another Burning Kingdom tell individual tales of interweaving fates that also etch a portrait of America's forgotten ones. Vivian's visionary trilogy of novels is brought to stunning conclusion here, capping an original achievement in American fiction, offering both apocalyptic revelation and possible redemption." Philip Graham, author of How To Read an Unwritten Language

Lamb Bright Saviors

Lamb Bright Saviors begins as an apocalyptically inclined itinerant preacher staggers across the Nebraska prairie. With his young assistant Mady in town hauling a wagon stacked with bibles, it's not long before the preacher finds he's come to the final fulfillment of his self-proclaimed life's work: to die in front of a group of strangers.

The Least Cricket Of Evening

In the tradition of the meditative essay, the writing of Robert Vivian begins with the mundane moment and, though the delicate workings of curiosity, contemplation, and inspiration, reveals unsuspected meaning.

The Mover Of Bones

Defiler, redeemer, sinner, or saint—Breedlove is the stuff myths are made of, and The Mover Of Bones, the first of a planned trilogy of novels by the remarkably gifted Robert Vivian, evokes a collective dream of the heartland.